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I have removed all the old texts about the merkaba. Read more about the backgrounds for this removal at Obsolete Articles and insights move on and it is time to introduce some new ideas about the Merkaba. I have always read that the merkaba could be considered as some kind of light vehicle enabling a person to reach different vibrations and even different dimensions. There is ample material available here to back up this idea, but...

there is also material that suggests that all these merkaba practices are more damaging than healing because the merkaba would not have originated in our magnetic creation, but it would have originated in the Pleiades, which stems from a creation which probably has an electricity/radioactivity signature. Using electrical techniques on a planet that is magnetically ascending would only cause havoc. If you have no idea about what merkaba is, start with the old preamble and the explanations below it.

See what you think. I start off with the most recent material from the Wooly Mammoth (March 2003), followed by a message from our dolphin friends!

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See below for the site from which this drawing was taken Alas, the Plieades does not exist within the same creation of earth; it has a different energy signature associated with electricity and radioactivity that most know as the mer-ka-ba or Star of David patterning and a different biochemical structure known as silica-based form. The patterning within your creation is spherical or round such as the flower of life patterning and carbon based in biochemistry. If one tries to ascend beyond 1800 strands utilizing the mer-ka-ba patterning, one will become cancerous, as radiation and electricity in a magnetic creation causes disease due to the dissonance associated with intermixed signatures. (You can read more from the Mammoth at the gravity page) Wooly Mammoth (March 2003)

Mastering One's Own Destiny: Dolphin and Whale Kingdoms through Karen Danrich, April 2002. In the future I will create new pages which explain many of the terms and ideas that are used. There is some explanation available at the 'Time Speeding up' page (see the green text up there). You could ofcourse try and read the original material. You could also read more about the way I treat the Danrich material on this site, by clicking HERE

Many humans are in a fantasy of illusion that electrical sacred geometry that is Star of David or mer-ka-ba in structure will ascend a form in the magnetic creation that earth resides. Such geometry serves in early ascension only through initiation 1024. Beyond 1024, the electrical geometry is transmuted into a round pattern that is magnetic and related to the Language of Light. (See Language of Light for more information.) Earth in attaining initiation 3000 in October of 2001 no longer runs electrical sacred geometry upon a global level, or within her major chakras.

Those humans attempting to hold large electrical sacred geometry in motion will find such geometry turned now inside out and sent inwards into the molecular structure of their etheric body. Why? Such sacred geometry cuts up and shatters earth's rotational chakras and it hurts earth when such geometry is launched and runs for any length of time between many humans. Those focusing consciously upon setting in motion such global electrical geometry under the guise of supporting global ascension are only harming themselves; for all of nature focuses in return upon inverting such geometry inside out and forcing it back into one's field and molecules. Such energy movement then cuts up the grid work of the etheric body of those attempting such a focus and will lead to disease and an early death if one continues with such practices and intents.

Many humans are still receiving guidance to focus upon such things. Why would any being or entity have one focus upon setting such sacred geometry in motion if this is the case? The beings care not how long humans live or if they become ill as they are of the forces of the dark. The forces of the dark are losing their battle and at this time, there is little room for them to manipulate any longer within the current dance upon earth. If they can cause hundreds or thousands of humans to focus upon setting such electrical geometry in motion, "maybe" they think, "just maybe we might turn the tides against us and win!" And so we have witnessed now hundreds of times in recent months. All such geometry is turned inside out and back into the etheric body of those holding space for such geometry, as electrical sacred geometry is no longer allowed upon earth in any regional or global manner. Earth has transcended the karma inherent in how such geometry came to be, and utilizes her own thought-form to inverse it upon those holding space for such energy movement.

If the beings causing one to focus in such a manner had any honor or respect for the humans involved, they would not ask such a thing, seeing that the focus causes harm to the humans that they are working through. However the dark have never cared about whether or not they harmed or hurt anyone; they have only cared about creating and sustaining their dominion. All of the dark's dominion tactics and energy flow have harmed, and harmed, and harmed, shattering all species again and again throughout history; leading to fall after fall in consciousness. There are loads of records of such harm not only in dolphin and whale records, but also human records.

For a long time, dolphins and whales held all human records, and humans forgot how such beings harmed in the past. As human records have been transferred back unto humanity, and those who began to ascend reviewed such records, suddenly the remembrance that such entities are not trustworthy resurfaced. Humans began to remember, and in so doing could more clearly define those who were of the dark and those who were of the light in the nonphysical realms.

Low and behold the very gods and goddesses that one has worshipped for so very long turned out to be forces of the dark in the nonphysical! This is a difficult thing to embrace for so many in your "metaphysical movements", and this makes us dolphins and whales very sad. Mostly it is difficult to embrace as many therein are simply not ascending, and in not moving up in vibration, they fail to see how they are being used. For those who are ascending, one rapidly becomes aware of how such beings mutilate and harm, as one begins to feel the shattering of the form and field after attending a workshop, or having a healing or reading with such entities at the helm. This is a good thing as each ascending human will have to transcend the need to worship something outside of self, and turn inward connecting holographically to your own species, to the earth mother, and to one's own God Goddess within.

The forces of the dark were from outside of this creation beloved. Sananda, Melchiezedek, Thoth, Rama, and so on, will never be communicated from within the heart and within the hologram. Why? They came from the Pleiades or Orion. They are not from your creation, and therefore never had a holographic relationship to any of the original species upon earth, or the original red seeded race. The red seeded race came from Sirius, which indeed is a part of your creation. Those that came from the Pleiades and Orion shattered holographic communication within mankind, and in so doing, mankind, even the red race, failed to be able to communicate with nature. In so doing, mankind lost its way and began to worship such beings as god goddess and something outside of self.
Mastering One's Own Destiny - April 2002

Here's an excerpt from the Great Central Sun who has processed much material provided for by our ascending and ever learning planet on Merkaba and electrical sacred geometry (Through Karen Danrich, may 2001):

Earth in understanding that mixing electrical and magnetic signatures causes an incomplete ascension is choosing to release all discordant electrical energy flow at this time. Such discord which is known as sacred geometry and resembles what many humans known as a "mer-ka-ba" is being dismantled rapidly all around Earth's auric field at this time as a result. In a parallel manner, Earth's sun (your 5th dimensional solar sun), her sun's sun (12th dimensional) and the cosmic level sun (25th dimensional) are likewise choosing to relinquish all sacred geometry that is electrically based at this time. In so doing, the new energy flow coming forth in all auric fields, subtle bodies and grid work of dimensions 3 through 25 that is round and related to the triple sphere movement discussed in our channels earlier material surrounding the human map for ascension. (See Ascension Transmissions I & II" for more information).
Earth Transmits Reign of the Dark

Numbers and energy patterns are also known as sacred geometry. One can see from this dissertation that the mer-ka-ba being sacred geometry is an illusion, as this was never the energy signature designated to your creation. However, in the blending of electrical and radioactive energies with magnetic energies, the mer-ka-ba became prevalent and then became accepted as a part of the geometry for your creation. This however is precisely how the illusions are constructed. When an energy signature is accepted as the norm when indeed this is not so in the original blueprint of a particular creation, illusions or veils are created. It is the discord between the two signatures that causes the fog or mist, which becomes the veils of illusion. The mer-ka-ba is only one of 36 electrical patterns that cause the distortion or illusion, and our channels have called them "ownership signatures" as indeed they do create attachment, ownership, usury, and abuse in the human dance which are simply a part of the illusion that humanity lives within. Transcending Fantasy Realities and The Seven Veils of Illusion Lord & Lady Rize and Earth Mother through Karen Danrich, Mila Sinoski, and Thomas Weber, Rama September 8, 2000

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